Interesting sightseeings around Velingrad


Interesting sightseeings around Velingrad

There are so many attractions in our beautiful Velingrad that they simply “overflow” into its surroundings! Here we have prepared several of them for you!

1. Paleontological Museum, Dorkovo – Cepina Fortress – Tsigov chark – These three sights are done in one breath, as they say! Every Thursday, the entrance to the museum of Dorkovo and Tsepina is free.

крепостта Цепина
Tsepina Fortress

2. Yundola, Starina, Kurtovo, Belmeken – These four localities are arranged in one line. Summer is suitable for hiking, and winter for skiing and family

Язовир Белмекен. Гледката е от пътеката за връх Белмекен

3. Snezhanka Cave is located about an hour’s drive from Velingrad. Between the town of Peshtera and the town of Batak, it is unique with its impressive cave formations! A creative mind has given name to almost all of them! The guided walk is worth every minute! Have fun! While you’re on your way there, you can visit the Retro Museum in the city of Peshtera or some of the attractions in Batak.

4. Milevi Skali – is located about 40 minutes by car from the city of Velingrad. There are also walking routes, which you will read about in the article itself. From the top there is a very expansive view and an invigorating atmosphere!

10 interesting sights in the Velingrad Region

5. Golyam Beglik – Is one of the few remaining truly wild places in Bulgaria. It is located in a protected area of ​​Beglika. Unique for the coolness on hot summer days! It also provides a unique background for photos!

6. Fotinski Waterfalls and Vacha Dam are located about an hour, an hour and a half by car from Velingrad. Truly places worth visiting. For the Fotisn waterfalls, you will need hiking boots with a sturdy grip. Because in some places there is a significant unevenness and narrow paths.

Interesting sightseeings around Velingrad

7. Pobit Kamak – is a rock phenomenon located on the outskirts of Velingrad. It represents a stone that seems to have grown from the ground. It is located about 30 minutes by car, at the southern exit of the city – in the direction of Sarnitsa.

побит камък
побит камък

8. The Bear Sanctuary or also known as the park of the dancing bears – this is a wonderful place for a family walk and entertainment. You can catch the narrow gauge train from Velingrad to Beglika station, Razlog and admire the fluffy forest dwellers in the park.

Interesting sightseeings around Velingrad

9. Dospat – Dam Dospat is one of the most picturesque places in Bulgaria. This is also the seccond biggest dam in Bulgaria. Whatever we say about him will not be enough. As they say, seeing is enough

10. Mount Syutkya – Syutka is the third highest peak in the Rhodopes. The view from the top is unique and fascinating! You can go from Rakitovo with a car into the forest. The walk will take an hour and a half depends on your pace and – Voilà! – The Chepino valley is at your feet! On your way back you can also visit the Lepenitsa cave, so you can fit both sites in one day!

Whichever path you take, I wish you a wonderful walk!

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