Interesting sightseeings in Velingrad


Interesting sightseeings in Velingrad

Velingrad is a city, that is generous in terms of sights. Known as the Сpa capital of the Balkans – it offers many joys for young and old. From pure and evergreen forests, natural phenomena, to historical and prehistoric monuments. We give you several suggestions for sights in Velingrad, with which you can enrich not only your vacation, but also your knowledge! Enjoy it!

1. Kleptuza is among the most striking sights in the city

Kleptuza is a picturesque lake, gently caressed by the beautiful Rhodopean hills. It is a magnetic place for all the tourists with its clean air and the gentle sound of the small waterfalls.

Interesting sightseeings in Velingrad

2. The intersection of the 24th parallel and the 42nd meridian

The phenomenon is quite rare. It is located above Lake Kleptusa, near a Thracian sanctuary and the Christian chapel of St. Iliya, in close proximity to Kleptousa.

Езерото Клептуза радва очите на посетителите и лете и зиме.

3. Nikolay Gyaurov Square”, Velingrad

“Chasata” Fountain is located in the very center of Velingrad – Nikolay Gyaurov Square. There are many restaurants, parks and shops around it and it is a great idea for a walk. For more sights, keep reading.

4. The Luminous Cross

The shining cross is the pantheon of Christianity in Velingrad. It is located in a place with a very beautiful and panoramic view of part of the Chepinska valley. At the same time, it is close to Nikolay Gyaurov Square.

5. Vela Peeva Historical Museum

This is one of the brightest sights in Velingrad. The museum is an extension of the house where the Bulgarian heroine Vela Peeva was born. Initially, the museum only had exhibits from the life of the partisan, but it was subsequently supplemented with some additional exhibitions.

It now houses the largest collection of painted eggs in Bulgaria, as well as samples from all over Europe. Next to the exhibition is the hall dedicated to the world-famous tenor born in Velingrad – Nikolay Gyaurov. There is also a hall with objects from the old Rhodope way of life, culture and traditions.

More about the history of Velingrad you can find here.

Here are some more Interesting sightseeings in Velingrad

6. Central Mineral Beach “Josif Shnitter”

It was the first major tourist attraction built at the beginning of the last century in the town of Velingrad. It works from June 15 to September 15.09.

7.St. Nikola Church

An ideal walking destination if you’re up for a walk in the forest. The St. Nikola Chapel is hidden in the forest and it was a a secret place for the local population to profess Christianity during the Ottoman slavery. You can find location here

никулова църква

8. The zoo with forest animals

It is located in the Technical School of Forestry. It is open for visits every day until 5 p.m. There are representatives of the local fauna – deer, roe deer, rabbits, foxes, peacocks, as well as several exotic animals such as ostrich, African goat and llama.

9. Sivek Equestrian Base

Sivek Equestrian Center – an ideal place for families with children or for horse riding enthusiasts. You need a car for this purpose, because it goes through the ring road of the city. Suitable for young and old because there are horses, ponies and beautiful views. There is also a tennis court.

10. The Narrow Gauge Train “Septemvri- Dobrinishte”

in the center of Ladzhene quarter, about 200m. from Nikolay Gyaurov Square is the Central Station, from where you can get on, or just see the UNESCO-protected train. You can see the schedule here. And if you want to learn more about the history and sights around the narrow gauge railway, click on this article.

Sights near Velingrad

More attractions await you in the surroundings of Velingrad, such as the Paleontological Museum, Cepina Fortress, Yundola, Belmeken, Dospat and many more that you can check out in the links. and interesting walks in the forest, such as to Slaveevi skali, Hristova Polyana, Vazova Polyana, etc., see this article.

Have a wonderful stay in our Velingrad!


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